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Chromatica Holder

Dietmar Linck has found a way of playing a chromatic harmonica - without using his hands or feet. After years of working on his special holder system he created the perfect mechanic tool. Meanwhile harmonica players all around the world use it.

The current price in Euro is 135, it has to be prepaid on Dietmar's bank account - we do not use third bank particpation like Paypal. For orders from overseas (America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc.) we must claim additional 15 Euro because of different ammounts from banking - so the sum is 150 Euro.

If you stay in Germany and can speak German you could call Dietmar yourself in Dresden: 0351 - 407 97 55. For anybody else please email to Alexander - the other man in the video. That is me and I can communicate with you in English.


The intro of this video in the beginning shows how to play a diatonic harmonica without any holder at all - but this is just a kind of entertainment. You also could skip to minute 1:30 where the demonstration of the holder system for the chromatic harmonica starts. As you can see there, playing the chromatic notes means to move the chin a bit. It takes some practice until you succeed. If an 80 years old man could learn it, Dietmar says (about himself), everybody could.