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New Masters

The new millennium has, it seems, started out as a great return of the ukulele. The Internet in particular made some virtuoso known beyond the borders of their own country, and infected via Youtube etc. many new enthusiasts.

Jake Shimabukuro... His video of the ukulele version of the Beatles song "While my guitar gently weeps", recorded in New York's Central Park conceded from last reservations that a ukulele is only Hawaiian folklore. Not too much to tell since Jake is famous enough meanwhile.

Bosko & Honey from Australia made themselves a name with a lot of ukulele activities such as The Ukulele Safari 2008 - and the Ukulele Safari Oz (2010), initiated by an Ukulele Video Contest. That way a lot of ukulele players worldwide have got in touch. Their repertory is crossover from Blues and Folk to Jazz and World Music. Their events are documented on Youtube in high quality.

Bosko & Honey

Herman Vandecauter - comes from the classical guitar and lute, his speciality is music from the era of Bach. In summer 2010 I could invite him for the first Ukulele Festival Laubegast. He demonstrates that the ukulele is much more than a toy for kids or just a simple instrument for popular music.

James Hill (Canada) is already a big name in the ukulele community. He has a full tour schedule always, performs and teaches as well, and obviously knows how to make the business with TV etc.

Taimane Gardner - a few years ago outside of Hawaii known from a few second-hand videos only, now the young virtuoso is a part of international showbiz, stands out with fiery classical adaptations, is native to other popular genres in all of Latin and Rock'n'Roll. And when she slides to supple as a tiger across the stage, the eye of the beholder is bound.

Israel Bruddah Iz Kamakawiwo'ole (Hawaii, 1959 - 1997) was most of all a brilliant singer, some video of the 600 pounds man runs in Youtube. Especially his cover medley version of two Jazz standards Somewhere over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World - takes attention for the younger generation. Since the song is new released on CD and for downloads it has became a number 1 hit in the German charts in October 2010.