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Future Masters...

Marlen, Lilith, Hana, Emy, Patty

Manchmal nehmen sie mir mein Spielzeug weg, da bleibt mir nur der Griff zu meinem großen Baby...
Selma, Lena, Anne - and Alex

Emy and Patty (7/9)

Maite (11) has moved from London to "Ukulelestan" in 2010

Lilli (5) - Gewinnerin der Ukulele beim Maifest (2011)

Max (14) has got the Uke-Virus from his sister Emy (12)

one of threei Emys (7) and Felicitas (7)

Lisa (8) - Hanna (6)

Ingrid (6) started autumn 2010 - and went on stage with us for the Christmas concert

Magdalena (9)

The youngsters started learning before going to school. Some were in the same class, and so there have been seven together. That was 60 % of all girls in the class 60 %. I wanted - of course - to have 100 %! - But I didn't make it any more, now some of them are at high school but still members of our Ukulele Orchestra.

A lesson of German spring songs: Sardha from Sri Lanka and Makiko from Japan - April 2011

This attempt was perhaps too soon

Sisters share everything: Tina (9) and Anne (7)

Christmas, Carneval... There is a fun at any time of year.

Foto: Der mit der Ukulele (2007)
Lilith, Tilli, Lara, Emy
Foto: Der mit der Ukulele (2006)
Anne and Tina

Foto: Der mit der Ukulele (2004)
Tilli and Selma

Summer 2005: Romy

Spring 2007: Ernst and Dieter from Ruhrpot

Foto: Der mit der Ukulele (2005)
Helga from Austria

Summer 2004: The first Weekend Workshop

Foto: Der mit der Ukulele (2005)
Uta from Lübeck with her 8-stringed
souvenir from Marquesas-Islands

Will be continued...

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