Yodeling Hobo
Gene Autrey

Trampin’ down the highway, travelin’ day and night
I don’t know where I’m goin’ to, but I’ll be there all right
I have no one to care form me, I have no place to go
Everybody knows I’m just a yodeling hobo

I’ve been all around the country, been around most everywhere
But I love that dear ol’ sunny south, I love that Texas air
Away out where the men are mean, down in El Paso
That’s where they call me a yodeling hobo

All my live I’ve traveled, I’m Alabama bound
And now I’m always happy in the city or one whore town
I started out to roaming ‘cause I had no place to go
Now I turned out to be a yodeling hobo

Now you have heard my story, so I’ll be on my way
I hear a Frisco freight train, and it’s calling me
And when the sun sings in the wind and to the dark blue sky
Just say that I’m a hobo and will be till I die

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