Making Whoopy
lyics: Gus Khan - as performed by Dinah Washington

Another (C)bride, another (G7)june
Another (C7)sunny honey(F)moon
Another C7)season
Another (D# dim)reason (G7)
For makin' (C)whoopee
(C - C7 - F - D#dim - G - D#dim - G - C)
A lot of (C)shoes, a lot of (G7)rice
The groom is (C7)nervous, and he answers (F)twice
It's really (C7)killin'
That he's so (D# dim)willin' (G7)
To make a (C)whoopee

(C7)Picture a little (F)love-nest
Down where the roses (C)cling
(C7)Picture the same sweet (F)love-nest
Think what a year can (C)bring

He's washing (C)dishes and baby (G7)clothes
He's so am(C7)bitious, he even (F)sews
But don't for(C7)get, folks
That's what you (D# dim)get, folks(G7)
For makin' (C)whoopee

Another year or maybe less
What's this I hear? Well, can't you guess?
She feels neglected, and he's suspected
Of makin' whoopee!

She sits alone 'most every night
He doesn't phone her, he doesn't write
He says he's busy, and she says: Is he?
He's makin' whoopee!

He doesn't make much money
Only a five-thousand per
Some judge, who thinks he's funny
Says: You pay six to her!

He says: Now judge, suppose I fail
The judge says: Ha! Right into jail!
You'd better keep her
I think it's cheaper
Than makin' whoopee

Said: It's a whole lotta cheaper
Than makin' whoopee

* original key: Bb - chaging to C at second part

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