Traditional - Woody Guthrie*

As I was a-goin’ one morning for pleasure
I met a cow puncher a-ridin’ along
His hat was thrown back, his spurs was a-jingling
As he approached me he warbled this song

  Whoopee ti-yi-yo, get along, little doggies
  It’s your misfortune an’ not of my own
  Whoopee ti-yi-yo, get along, little doggies
  You know that Wyoming will be your new home

That cattle trail is rough an’ a hard road to travel
That old Jack of Diamond is a hard card to play
Get along, get along, get along, little doggies
Get along, little doggies, an’ be on your way

Well, Some boys a-hit this ol’ cow trail for pleasure
But that’s where they got it most awfully wrong
I wish I could tell you the troubles they give us
A-keepin’ them doggies a-rollin’ along

* as recorded on my CD

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