What A Difference A Day Made
Dinah Washington - written by Stanley Adams & Maria Grever

What a difference a (Em7)day made (A7)
(A7sus4)Twenty(A7+5)four little (D6)hours
Brought the (B7)sun and the (Em7)flowers (A7) hmmmm
(A7sus4)Where there A7+5)used to be (D)rain
My yester(D6)day was (C#m7 )blue, dear (F#7)
Today I'm a part of (Bm)you, dear (Bm7-5 - E7 )
My lonely nights (Bm7-5 )are (E7)through, dear(Bm7-5 - E7 )
(Bm7-5)Since you (E7)said you were (A7)mine (Fdim - A7)

Lord, what a difference a (Em7)day makes (A7)
(A7sus4)There's a (A7+5)rainbow be(D6)fore me
Skies a(B7)bove can't be (Em7)stormy(A7)
(A7sus4)Since that (A7+5)moment of (D6)bliss
That thrilling (Am7)kiss
It's (D7)heaven when (Gmaj7)you (Gm)find ro(Gdim)mance
On your (Dmaj7)menue (D6 )
What a (B7)difference a (Em7)day made (A7)
And the difference (Gdim)is (D)you

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