We'll Understand It Better By And By
Traditional - Edith & Raymond Pinder - also by C.A. Tindley

  When the morning comes
  When all the saints of God are gathered home
  We're goin' tell (Jesus) say, how we overcome
  We done understand it better by and by

One of these break morning
Right and soon
Now the ..., now the spirit
Lord, they shout me home
I'll understand it now
I done understand it better by and by
Children is by, by and by, Lord
When the morning come
All the sins of go together and on
We're goin' tell, Jesus, how we overcome
Lord, we'll understand it better by and by
He was a wonderful boy
...  she get water to flow


Our world is fit
Like brother Daniel did
When Daniel was down
God sent  an Egypt from that heavenly club
Jesus, I'll understand it better by and by


This ol' world is not my home
I got to see that city that built by God
Jesus, remember, I am a ... sinner
I do understand it


Look of John, ...
He said: I saw the sign
John said he saw a number of sign
John said: I saw ...

* I found this song on an ethno-music compilation, recorded in 1965 on the Bahamas (The Real Bahamas, 1998 Nonesuch Records).  The "by and by" part sounds familar to By & By , I'm goin' To See The King known from the white gospel tradition, sung by Blind Willie Johnson

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