Wade In The Water

Wade in the water (2)
Children, wade in the water
God’s gonna trouble these waters

See that band all dressed in white
Look like a band of the Israelites

See that band all dressed in red
Look like a band that Moses had

Remember one thing and it’s certainly sure
Judgement’ comin’ and I don’t know

Up on the mountain, Jehovah, he spoke
Out of his mouth came fire and smoke

I heard a rumblin’ up in the sky
Must a-been Jesus passin’ by

Down in the valley, down on my knees
Askin’ my Lord to save me, please

You can hinder me here, you can hinder me there
But the Lord in heaven will hear my prayer

The enemy’s great, but my Captain’s strong
I’m marchin’ to the city and the road ain’t long

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