Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Bob Dylan

(E)Throw my (A)ticket out the (E)window
Throw my (A)suitcase out there, (E)too
Throw my (G#m)troubles out the (F#m)door
I don’t (G#m)need them any (F#m)more
Cause to(E)night I’ll be (A)staying (B7)here with (E)you

(E)I should have (A)left this town this (E)morning
But It was m(A)ore than I could (E)do
Oh, your (G#m)love comes on so (F#m)strong
And I’ve (G#m)waited all day (F#m)long
For to(E)night I’ll be (A)staying (B7)here with (E)you

Is it (Am)really any (E)wonder
The (Am)love that a stranger might re(E)ceive
(F)You cast your spell and I went (A)under
(F#m)I find it so difficult to (B7)leave

I can hear the whistle (E)blowin’
I see that (A)stationmaster, (E)too
If there’s a (G#m)poor boy on the (F#m)street
Then let (G#m)him have my (F#m)seat
For to(E)night I’ll be (A)staying (B7)here with (E)you

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