Tom Rushen Blues
Charlie Patton

Laid down last night, hopin' I would have my peace (yeehee) (2)
But when I woke up, Tom Rushen was shakin' me

When you get in trouble, it's no use to screamin' and cryin' (hmmhmm) (2)
Tom Rushen* will take you, back to the prison house flyin'

It were late one night, Halloway was gone to bed (2)
Mister Day* brought whiskey taken from under Halloway's head

(It takes) boozy boo', Lord, to cure these blues (2)
But each day seems like years in the jailhouse where there is no boo'

I got up this mornin', Tom Day was standin' 'round (2)
If he lose his office now, he's runnin' from town to town

Let me tell you folksies just how he treated me (2)
Aw, he caught me yellin', I was drunk as I could be

* Tom Rushen had been the sheriff of Merigold, Mississippi, Tom Day had been the predecessor in office. This couplet undoubtedly remarks on the procedure of taking seized liquor to the county courthouse in order to establish proof of an illegal still.

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