The Man I Love
G. Gershin, chords here as sung by Hindi Zahra

G - Gm - G - Gm
(G) Some day he'll come along, (Gm)the man I love
(Fmaj7)And he'll be big and strong, (E7b9) the man I love
(Am7b5) And when he comes my way
(D7) I'll do my best to (Bm7)make (E7b9)him (Am7)stay (D7)

(G) He'll look at me and smile, (Gm) I understand
(Fmaj7) And in a little while (E7b9)he'll take my hand
(Cm7) And though it seems absurd
(D7) I know we both won't (Gmaj7)say (Cmaj7)a (Gmaj7)word (F#m7 - B7)

(Em) Maybe I shall meet him (F#7)Sunday (B7)
Maybe (Em)Monday,maybe (B7)not
(Em) Still I'm sure to meet him (F#7)one day (F#m7b5)
(Em7) Maybe (E7)Tuesday will be (Am7b5)my good (D7)news day

(G) He'll build a little home, (Gm) just meant for two
(Fmaj7) From which I'll never roam, (E7b9)who would you?
(Cm7) And so all else above
(D7) I'm waiting for the (Gmaj7)man (Cmaj7)I (Gmaj7)love (Cmaj7 - Gmaj7)

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