Take A Whiff On Me
Traditional - Woody Guthrie

  Take a whiff, take a whiff, take a whiff on me
  Everybody take a whiff on me
  Ho-ho, honey, take a whiff on me

I walked down to Ellum and I come up to Main
Looking for the woman that use cocaine

Going up state street, at Lehman’s on a lope
A sign in the window said: there’s no mo’ coke

I’se got a nickel, you’se got a dime
You buy the coke and I’ll buy the wine

I chew my bacco, I spit my juice
I love my baby till I ain’t no use

I chew my tobacco, I spit my juice
Takes a brown-skin woman for my particular use

Cocaine’s for horses and not for men
The doctors say: it’ll kill you but they don’t say when

Whifferee and whiffery
Gonna keep a-whiffin’ till I die

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