Stone Pony Blues
Charlie Patton

(Baby) saddle my pony, saddle up my black mare (2)
I'm gonna find a rider, baby, in the world somewhere

Hello central,  (what's) the matter with your line? (2)
Come a storm last night, tore the wire down

(Got a) brand new Shetland*, man, already trained
Just get in the saddle, tighten up on your reins

(And a) brown-skinned woman like somethin' fit to eat (2)
But a jet black woman, don't put your hands on me

Took (my) baby, (to) meet the mornin' train (2)
And the blues come down, baby, like showers o' rain

(I got) somethin' to tell you when I get a chance (2)
I don't wanna marry, just wanna be your man

* Shetland = a horse breed
Patton recorded two versions of this song. The first was entitled "Pony Blues" while the second changed to "Stoney Pony Blues". This is one of Patton's most  popular pieces. Many Delta musicians had a version of "Pony Blues" in their repertoire. Son House recorded a "Pony Blues" in his 1942 Library of Congress recordings. Tommy Johnson's "Bye Bye Blues" and Willie Brown's "M&O Blues" are both derivatives from the same source.

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