Mitchell Parish - Hoagy Carmichael - transp. to DG

(C)Now the purple dusk of (F7)twilight time
(E7)Steals across the meadows of my (A)heart
(Dm)High up in the sky the (C)little stars (Am7)climb
Always re(B7)minding me that (Em)we’re a(G7)part
You (C)wandered down the lane and (F7)far away
(E7)Leaving me a song that will not (A)die
(Dm)Love is now the stardust (C)of yesterday
The (G7)music of the years gone (C)by

Sometimes I (F)wonder why I spend
The lonely ((Fm)night, dreaming of a song
The (C)melody (Em)haunts my reve(A)rie
And (Dm)I am once again with (F6)you
When our (Fm6)love was (G7)new
And each kiss an inspi(C)ration
But (D7)that was long ago now my consolation
(G7)Is in the (Dm)stardust of a (G)song
Be(F)side a garden wall
When stars are (Fm)bright, you are in my arms
The (C)nightingale (Em7)sings his fairy(A)tale
Of (Dm)paradise where roses (F)grew (Fm6)
Tho’ I (Fm6)dream in vain
In my (C)heart  (G)it (Am)will (C)re(B7)main
(E7+)My (F)stardust melo(A7)dy (A0  - G7)
The memory of love’s re(C)frain (C0 - G7)

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