So Long It's Been Good To Know You
Woody Guthrie

I’ve sung this song but I’ll sing it again
Of the place that I lived on the wild windy plains
In the month called April, county called Grain
And here’s what all the good people are sayin’:

  So long, it’s been good to know you (3)
  This dusty old dust is a-getting my home
  An’ I’ve gotta be driftin’ along

A dust storm hitting it hit like thunder
It dusted us over and it covered a thunder
Blocked out the traffic and blocked out the sun
Straight for home all the people did run,

We talked of the end of the world and then
We’ve sang a song and then sang it again
We sat there an hour and not said a word
And then this word would be heard:

Sweethearts sat in the dark and sparked
They hugged and kissed in that dusty old dark
They sighed and cried, hugged and kissed
Instead of marriage they talked like this:

Now the telephone rang and it jumped off the wall
That was the preacher a-making his call
He said: time to render, it’s maybe the end
And you’ve got your last chance of salvation of stand!

The church as was jammed and the church as was packed
And that dusty old dust storm blowed so black
Preacher could not read a word of his text
And he folded his bags and took off collects and said...

as recorded on my CD

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