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The Petersons

Oh (D)Shenandoah, I (G)long to (D)see you
A(G)way, (A7)you rolling (D)river
Oh (Bm)Shenandoah, I can't be (D)near you
A(Bm)way, I'm bound a(D)way, 'cross the (A7)wide Mis(D)souri

Mizzouri, she’s a mighty river (etc.)
The Indians camp along its borders (etc.)

The white man loved an Indian maiden
With notions his canoe was laden

Along there came the Yankee skipper
He winked at her and tipped his flipper

Oh Shenandoah, I love your daughter
I’ve crossed for her the rolling river

The chief, he made an awful holler
He turned away all of my dollars

I sold the chief some fire water
And got him drunk and stole his daughter

Oh Shenandoah, I’m bound to leave you
Oh Shenandoah, I’ll not deceive you

* The given chords in this version are close to Dylan's version.

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