September in the Rain
Harry Warren - Al Dublin - Frank Sinatra - as sung by Dinah Washington*

The (A)leaves of (Amaj7)brown
Came (A6)tumbling (A)down, re(D6)member
(Dmaj7 - D6)In Sep(Bm)tember (E7)in the (A)rain

The (A)sun went (Ama7)out
Just (A6)like a (A)dyin' (D6)ember
(Dmaj7 - D6)That Sep(Bm)tember (E7)in the (A)rain

To (Bm)every (E7)word of (Bm)love
I (E)heard you (Bm7)whisper (Dmaj7 - D6)
The (B7)raindrops seemed to play a sweet re(E7)frain

Though (A)spring is (Ama7)here
To (A6)me it's (A)still Sep(D6)tember
(Dmaj7 - D6)Ooh, that Sep(Bm)tember (E7)in the (A)rain

* original key: Bb

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