Rockin' Chair
Hoagy Carmichael

(D)Oh (D9)rockin' chair's (D7)got me (G)
(G)Cane by my (Gm)side (Edim7)
(D)Fetch (Bm7)me that (E7)gin, son
(D)'fore I tan your (A7)hide(Edim)

(D)Can't (F#7)get from this (Bm7)cabin (F#7)
(Bm7)goin' (C#7)no(F#7)where
(E7)Just (Bm7/5)sit me here (E7)grabbin'
At the
(A7)flies 'round my (A7/5)rockin' (D)chair

(D7)My dear old Aunt Harriet
n heaven shhe be
Send me sweet chariot
For the end of the trouble I see

(D)Old (D9)rockin' chairs (D7)get it (G)
(G)Judgement day is (Gm7)here
Chained to my rockin'

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