Racketeer's Blues
Lonnie Johnson - as sung by Ari Eisinger

If you got over fifteen gran' (you) better split ninety-nine different ways (2)
Then that old racketeer will have no certain place to dig your grave

When they demand your money, you gotta give it up with a smile (2)
And if you should refuse ,they read about you in short little while

When the gang is out to get you, it don't do no good to run (2)
You can does the law but you can't does the slots out of some machine gun

You work hard for you money just to give it to some other one (2)
And if you shoud refuse their answer will be from a racketeer's gun

When the gang is out to get you, they follow you ev'rywhere (2)
You can even move to West Hell, doggone if the don't find you there

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