Peach Picking Time In Georgia
Jimmy Rogers - also by Willie Nelson transp. to D

When it’s (B)peach picking time in Georgia
(E)Apple picking time in Tenness(B)ee
(F#7)Cotton picking time in Mississ(B)ippi (G#m)
Ev’rybody picks on (F#7)me
And when it’s (B)round uptown in Texas
The (E)cowboys make whoo(D#)pee
Then (E)down in ol’ Ala(B)bama (G#m)
Is (C#)gal picking (F#7)time to (B)me 

(B)Yodeleehee, yodel(F#7)eehee, yodel(B)eehee

There’s (B)Bluegrass down in Kentucky
Vir(E)ginia’s where they do the (B)swing
(F#7)Carolina, now I’m (B)coming (G#m)
To (C#7)you to spend the (F#7)spring
(B)Arkansas, I hear you calling
I (E)know I’ll see you (D#)soon
(E)That’s when I’ll do a little (B)picking (G#m)
(C#)Underneath the (F#7)old Arkie (B)moon

Yodeleehee, yodeleehee, yodeleehee

Now when hard times overtake you
I hope they don’t get me
For I have got a little sweety waitin’
For me down in Tennessee
I know I’m goin’ to see her
I hope it won’t be long
That’s where we’ll pick a little cabin
And call it our mountain home

When all the pickers have picked the cotton
I’ll pick a wedding ring
And will go to town and pick a little gal
For wedding in the spring
I hope the preacher knows his business
I know he can for me
Peach picking time in Georgia
Is gal pickin’ time to me

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