Peace In The Valley
Elvis Presley - words & music: Dorsey

Oh well, I’m (C)tired and so weary
But I m(F)ust go a(C)lone
Till the Lord comes and (D7)calls
Calls me a(G)way, oh (G7)yes
Well, the (C)morning's so (C7)bright
And the (F)lamp is a(C)light
And the night
Night is as (D7)black (G)as the (C)sea, (F)oh (C)yes

  There will be (F)peace in the valley for (C)me, some day
  There will be peace in the (D7)valley for me, oh Lord, I (G7)pray
  There'll be no (C)sadness, no (C7)sorrow
  No (F)trouble, trouble I (D7)see
  There will be (C)peace in the (D7)valley (G)for (C)me, (F)for (C)me

Well the (C)bear will be gentle
And the (F)wolves will be (C)tame
And the lion shall lay (D7)down
By the (G)lamb, oh (G7)yes
And the (C)beasts from the (C7)wild
Shall be (F)lit by a (C)child
And I'll be changed
Changed from this (D7)creature (G)that I (C)am, (F)oh (C)yes

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