Old Old Texas
Michael Hardie

Back before the Alamo
Sam Houston, Geronimo
On a Bluff by a Brazos River band
First town in Texas - San Felipe
Life there was slow and sleepy
Nineteen miles from the Gulf of Mexico

Stephen Austin with the first 300
Left Kentucky for the land he hungered
Did his best to build a peaceful town
He made friends with the Indians
He made a life with the Mexicans
Built the only home he’d ever know

   Now I’m going back to Old, Old Texas
   Searching for a place where I belong
   Back in Old, Old Texas
   Plays on my memory like my favorite song

San Felipe was growing fine
Till Santa Anna crossed the borderline
News spread like a prairie fire through town
People left with what they could
Then they burned the town down where it stood
Austin’s dream was ashes on the ground

There’s a place where the river sings
By the bend at the old ferry landing
You can hear the song "Long, Long Ago"
Sometimes I climb Austin’s statue
Gaze at the river like he used to do
I find the only home I’ve know

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