A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Eric Maschwitz and Manning Sherwin - transp. to D

That (C)certain (Am)night, the (Em)night we (Gm)met
There was (F)magig a(Bm)broad (E)in the (Am)air (Fm)
There were (C)angels (Dm)dining (C)at the (Fm)Ritz
And a (C)nightingale (Am)sang
In (Dm)Berk'(G7)ley (C)Square (Am - Dm - G7)

I (C)may be (Am)right, I (Em)may be (Gm)wrong
But I'm (F)perfectly (Bm)willing (E)into (Am)swear (Fm)
That (C)when you (Dm)turned and (C)smiled at (Fm)me
A (C)nightingale (Am)sang
In (Dm)Berk'(G7)ley (C)Square (C - F#m - B7)

   The (E)moon that (C#m)lingered over (F#m)London (B7)town
   Poor (G#m)puzzled (C#m)moon, he (F#m)wore a (B7)frown
   (E)How could he (C#m)know we two were (F#m)so in (B7)love
   The (G#m)whole darn (C#m)world seemed (Dm)upside (G7)down

The (C)streets of (Am)town (Em)paved with (Gm)stars
It was (F)such a ro(Bm)mantic (E)iaf(Am)fair (Fm)
And (C)as we (Dm)kissed and (C)said: Good(Fm)night!
A (C)nightingale (Am)sang
In (Dm)Berk'(G7)ley (C)Square (Am - Dm - G7)

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