Night Owl
Cliff Edwards

The (Bm)moon, the (Em)stars,
The (Bm)stillness of the (Em)night
Has (Bm)always passed a(Em)spell on (Bm*)me
(C#dim)I'm not ashamed to (Bm)say
(C#dim)I’d rather sleep all (F#7)day

The (Bm)lights, the (Em)fun
The(Bm)things that can be (Em)done
That (Bm)one who needs the (Em)sun can’t (Bm*)see
(C#dim)I’m like that wise old(Bm) bird
Who (C#dim)sung you've often (F#7)heard

(B)Oohooohoohoohooo, I’m a (E)night owl
(B)I wake up just as (F#7)soon as the sun goes (B)down (E - F#7)
(B)oohooohoohoohooo, I’m a (E)night owl
(B)I start out and (F#7)I do the town up(B)roun (B7)

(E)I make light of the (Eb)darkness
Like (E)my friend in the (F#7)tree
all about (B)free
I’m hootin', still (F#7)hootin'

(B)Oohooohoohoohooo, I’m a (E)night owl
(B)Just like that great bird (F#7)I am a late bird (B)too

* original key Abm, presumably played on a B-tuned ukulele...

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