My Lord Keeps A Record
The Mountain Ramblers

What a wonderful, beautiful picture I have
Of a place without sorrow or fear
And I'm goin' to live in that city some day
For my days are all numbered down here

My Lord keeps a record
Of the moments I'm living down here
He knows all about me
All my troubles, my sorrows, my fears

I'm living each moment
Through the mercy of God's loving grace
Someday he will call me
To that wonderful, beautiful, marvelous place

I will walk on the street of that city of gold
I will go bask in that heavenly light
And I'll look on the face of my Savior so dear
In that city where cometh no night

Now won't you be doin' the will of myLord
As I travel this wearisome land
So I'll not be ashamed of my record up there
Where I'll stand at my Savior's right hand

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