Traditional - Bob Dylan*

I’ve been a moonshiner, for seventeen long years
I spent all my money on whiskey and beer
I’ll go to some hall or sit at my still
And if whiskey don’t kill me I don’t know what will

I’ll go to some barroom and drink with my friends
While the women came to fallow and see what I spend
God bless them, pretty women, I wish they were mine
Their breath is as sweet as the dew on the vine

Let me eat when I’m hungry, let me drink when I’m dry
Gimme** dollars when I am hard up, religion when I die
The whole word’s a bottle, and life’s but a dram
When the bottle gets empty it sure ain’t worth a dime

I’ve been a Moonshiner, let me drink when I’m dry
Well, if moonshine don’t kill me, I live till I die
God bless all those Moonshiners, I wish they were mine
Their breath smells as sweet as the good ol’ moonshine

*The first three verses are the version Bob Dylan sings
** actually just "hm" - if you want to try the "pefect" Dylan copy sing "hm"...
otherwise "gimme" or "give me" - the fourth verse I took from Alan Lomax' version

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