Midnight Special
Traditional - as sung by Lead Belly

(A)Yonder comes Miss (D)Rosie, how in the world do you (A)know
Well I know her by the (E)apron and the dress she (A)wore
Umbrella on her (D)shoulder, piece of paper in her (A)hand
Well I hear her tell the (E)Captain: Turn a-loose my (A)man

  Let the Midnight (D)Special shine her light on (A)me
  Let the Midnight (E)Special shine her (D)ever lovin’ (E)light on (A)me

When you get up in the morning, when that big bell ring
You go marchin’ to the table, you meet the same old thing
Knife and fork are on the table and nothing in my pan
And if you say a thing about you’re in trouble with the man

If you ever go to Houston, boys, you better walk right
You better not squabble and you better not fight
Benson Crocker will arrest you, Jimmy Boone will take you down
You can bet your bottom dollar that you’re Sugar Land bound

Well, jumpin’ little Judy she was a mighty fine girl
She brought jumpin’ to the whole round world
Well, she brought it in the morning, just a while before day
Well, she brought me the news that my wife was dead
That started me to grieving, whooping, hollering and crying
Then I began to worry about my great long time

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