Melancholy Baby
music: Ernie Burnett, lyrics: G. A. Norton
complete version

(D)Come, sweetheart (B°)mine, (D)don't sit and (B°)pine
(D)Tell me of the (D9)cares that make you (D)feel (B°)so (A7)blue
(Em7)What have I (A°)done, (Em7)answer me, (A°)hon
(E7)Have I (E)ever (E7)said an unkind (Em7)word to (A7)you

(D)My love is (B°)true, (D)and just for (B°)you
(D)I'd do almost anything at an(B°)y (A7)time
(E7)Dear, when you sigh, (A)or when you (F#7)cry
(B7)Something seems to (E7)grip this very (Em7)heart of (A7)mine

(D)Come to me my melancholy (A°)ba(B7)by
(Em7)Cuddle up and (B7)don't be (Em7) blue (A7)
(A)All your fears are (A7)foolish fancy, (E7)may(A7)be
(D)You know, dear, that   (B°)I'm in (Em) love with you (A7 -A° - A7)

(D)Every cloud must (D9)have a (D)silver (A°)li(B7)ning
(Em7)Wait until the (B7)sun shines (Em7)through (A7)
(G)Smile, my honey (B°)dear, while I (D)kiss* away each (B7)tear
(Em7)else I shall be (A7)me(Em7)lan(A7)choly (D)too

Birds in the
(B°)trees, (D)whispering (B°)breeze
(D)Should not fail to lul you in to (D)peace(B°)ful (A7)dreams
(Em7)So tell me (A°)why (Em7)sadly you (A°)sigh
(E7)Sitting (E)at the (E7)window where the (Em7)pale moon (A7)beams

(D)You shouldn't (B°)grieve, (D)try and be(B°)lieve
(D)Life is always sunshine when the heart (B°)beats (A7)true
(E7)Be of good cheer, (A)Smile thro' your (F#7)tears
(B7)When you're sad it (E7)makes me feel the (Em7)same as (A7)you

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