Mary's Boychild

(G)Long time ago in (C)Bethlehem
So the (D)Holy Bible (G)says
(G)Mary's boychild, (C)Jesus Christ
Was (G)bom on (D7)Christmas (G)Day

    (G)Trumpets sound and (D7)angels (B7)sing
   (Em)Listen to (A7)what they (D)say
   A (G)man will live for(C)ever more
   Be(G)cause of (D7)Christmas (G)Day

While sheperds watched their flocks by night
Them see a bright new shining star
Hear a choir sing the song
Music seemed to come from afar

Now Joseph and his wife Mary
Come to Bethlehem that night
They find no place to born the child
Not a single room was in sight

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