Mack The Knife
Words: Berthold Brecht - Music: Kurt Weil

See the (C)shark with teeth like (Dm)razors
All can (G7)read his open (C)face
And Mac(Am)heath has got a (Dm)knife but
Not in (G7)such an obvious (C)place

See the shark how red his fins are
As he slashes at his prey
Mac the Knife wears white kids gloves which
Give the minimum away

By the thames' turbid waters
Men abruptly tumble down
Is it plague or is it cholera
Or a sign mac heath's in town

On a beautiful blue Sunday
See a corpse stretched in the strand
See a man dodge 'round the corner
Mackie's friends will understand

And the ghasty fire in soho
Seven children at a go
In a crowd stands mack the knife but he
Isn't asked and doesn't know

And the childbride in her nightie
Whose assailant's still at large
Violated in her slumbers
Mackie how much did you charge?

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