Lady Be Good
George Gershwin - as performed by Cliff Edwards

(Em)Listen (B)to my (Em)tale of (B)woe
It's (Em)terribly (B)sad but (Em)true (D)
(G)All dressed (D)up, no (G)place to (D)go
Each (G)ev'ning I'm (D7)awfully (G)blue

(D)I must win some (G)winsome Miss
(D)Can't go on like (G)there
(B)I could (Em)blossom (B)out I (Em)know
With (E)somebody (B)just like (E)you, (B)so

(G)Oh, (D7)sweet (G)and (C9)lovely (G)lady, be good !
(D0)Oh (D7)lady, be good to (G)me ! (D9) (C#0)

(G)I (D7)am (G)so (C9)awf’ly (G)misunderstood
(D0)Oh (D7)lady be good to (G)me(G7)

(C)Oh, (D9)please have some (C9)pi(G)ty
(Em)I’m (G+)all a(G)lone in (A9)this big (Am7)ci(D7)ty

(Bm)I (Am7)tell (A7-5)you

(G)I’m (D7)just (G)a (C9)lonesome (G)babe in the wood
(D0)Oh (D7)lady, be good to (G)me

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