John the Revelator  
Traditional - Blind Willie Johnson - also by Son House, Taj Mahal

Who’s that a-writin’? John the revelator (3)
Hey, the book of the seven seals
What’s John a-writin’? About the revelation?
Hey, book of the seven seals

Well, I who or who would I be, thausands cried of holy
Found the fountain, son of our Bible God
Daughter of Zion, Judah the lion
He redeemeth and he bought us with blood

John the Revelator, great advocator
Gets’em on the battle of Zion
Lord, tellin’ the story, risin’ in glory
Cried: Lord, don’t you love

Well, Moses to Moses, watchin’ the flock
Saw the bush, well, he had to stop
God told Moses: Pull off your shoes
I let the flock go, well, you I choose

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