James Alley Blues
Richard "Rabbit" Brown

Oh, times ain't now nothing' like they used to be (2)
And I'm tellin' you the truth, oh, take it for me

I done seen better days, but I'm puttin' up with these (2)
I would have much better time, but these girls now are so hard to please

Cause I was born in the country, she thinks I'm easy to rule (2)
She tries to hitch me to her wagon, she want to drive me like a mule

You know I bought (Yes, I buy) the croceries, and I paid (pay) the rent (2)
She tried to make me wash her clothes, but Igot good common sense

I said (You knowed) if you don't want me, why don't you tell me so (2)
Because it ain't like a man that ain't got nowhere (to) go

I been givin' (I'll give) you shugar for sugar, let you get salt for salt (2)
And if you can't get along with me, well, it's your own fault

How do you want me to love you and you  (keep a )treat(in') me mean (2)
You my daily thought and my nightly dream

Sometimes I think that you('re) too sweet to die (2)
And another time I think you ought to be buried alive

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