I Will
The Beatles - Lennon/McCartney - transpose to:  D

Who (C)knows how (Am)long I've (Dm)loved you (G7)
You (C)know I (Am)love you (Em)still
(C)Will I (F)wait a (G)lonely (C)lifetime
If you (F)want me (G)to I (C)will

For (C)if I (Am)ever (Dm)saw you (G7)
I (C)didn't (Am)catch your (Em)name
(C)But it (F)never (G)really (C)mattered
I will (F)always (G)feel the (C)same

   (F)Love you for(G)ever (Am)and forever
   (Dm)Love you (G7)with all my (C)heart
   (F)Love you when(G)ever (Am)we're together
   (D7)Love you when we're a(G)part (G7)

And (C)when at (Am)last I (Dm)find you (G7)
Your (C)song will (Am)fill the (Em)air
(C)Sing it (F)loud so (G)I can (C)hear you
Make it (F)easy (G)to be (C)near you

For the (F)things you (G)do en(Am)dear you
To me, (Dm)ah, you (G)know I (C)will

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