I See A Darkness
Johnny Cash - Will Odham

(F - C - F - C)
(Am)Well, you're my (C)friend (F)
And can you (C)see (F)
(Am)Many times we've been out drinkin'
Many times we shared our (F)thoughts

(Am)But did you ever, ever notice
The kind of thoughts I got(F)
(Em)Well, you know I have a (Am)love
A love for ev'ryone I (F)know
(Em)And you know I have a (Am)drive
To leave I won't let (F)go
(Am)But can you see it's a possession
Comes (F)rise and up sometimes
(Am)That it's dreadful, and possession
Comes blacking in my (F)mind

   And then I see a (C - F)darkness (4)
   Did you know how much I l(C)ove you
   Is a hope that somehow (F)you
   Can save me from this (C)darkness

(Am)Well, I hope that someday, buddy
We have peace in our (C)lifes
Together or a(Am)part
Alone or with our (C)wives
And we can stop our (Am)hurrying
And pour the smiles in(F)side
And light it up for(C)ever
And never go to (Em)sleep
My best unbeaten (G)brother
This isn't all I (Em)see (F)

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