I'll See You In My Dreams
words: Gus Khan, music: Isham Jones, as performed by Joe Brown*
also by Louis Armstrong - Cliff Edwards

(Intro: F - F6 - Fmaj7 - F6 - Fmaj7 - F)

(F)Lonely (F6)days are (Fmaj7)long  (F6)
(D7)Twi(D)light sings a (D7)song
(G7)Of the happi(Bb)ness that (C)used to (F)be
(F- F6 - Fmaj7 - F6)

(Am)Soon my (E7)eyes will close
Soon I'll (Am)find repose
(C)And in (C#)dreams
You're (Dm)always (G7)near to (C)me (C7)

(Bb)I'll see you in my (Bbm)dreams
(F)Hold you in my (F6)dreams
(D7)Someone took you out of my arms
(G7)Still I feel the (C7)thrill of your charms

(Bb)Lips that once were (Bbm)mine
(F)Tender eyes that (F6)shine
(A0)They (D)will (D7)light (A7)my way to(Dm)night(F7)
I'll (Bb)see (Bbm)you (C)in my (F)dreams

* Brown plays on the C-tuned (G-C-E-A) soprano ukulele.
In case you are used to the D-tuning (A-D-F#-B),
you might tune town to the C-tuning and use the chords you know form D-tuning

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