If You See My Saviour
Thomas A. Dorsey - as sung by Ari Eisinger

I was standin' at the bed side of a neighbor
Who was just about to cross the swelling tide
And I asked him if he would do me a favor
Kindly take this message to the other side

  If you see my Saviour, tell him that you saw me
  When you saw me I was on my way
  You may meet some old friend who may ask you for me
 Tell him I am coming home some day

Though you have to go this journey on without me
It's a dab that sooner or later must be paid
When you rach that golden city think about me
Don't forget to tell my Saviour what I said

You may come across my father or my mother
And the burdens of this life, they may recall
You may chance to see my sister or my brother
But we try to see my saviour first of all

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