Hot Corn Cold Corn
Traditional - as sung by Jerry Garcia and David Grissman

Upstairs, downstairs, out in the kitchen (3)
I met an ol’ cook just a-rellin’ and a-pitchin’
Yeahee-yes, Sir

  Hot corn, cold corn, bring along the demijohn (3)
  Fare thee well, uncle Bill, see you in the mornin’
  Yeahee-yes, Sir

Old aunt Sally, won’t you fill’em up again? (3)
I ain’t had a drink since the Lord knows when
Yeahee-yes, Sir

All I need to keep me happy
Is two little boys to call me pappy
One named Paul and one named Davy
One likes ham and the other loves gravy,
Yeahee-yes, Sir

Preacher’s in the pulpit takin’ in the money (3)
Children in the bee hive takin’ in the honey
Yeahee-yes, Sir

Old aunt Sally just a-jumpin’ for joy
Happiest lot of people that ever I saw
Yeahee-yes, Sir

Preacher’s all a-coming and the children are a-cryin’ (3)
Chicken heads a-wringin’ and a toenails flyin’
Yeahee-yes, Sir

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