Highwater Blues
Alexander Wandrowsky

Hey, you river, come and wash my feet!
People said for fun
Now, you river came and took the street
You river made us run

Highwater everywhere
We got the highest water in town
Highwater everywhere
Got the highest all around

What, you river, are you lookin' for
Upstairs, second floor?
Don't come a-knockin' on my door
Please, don't rise no more!

* Back in August 2003, most parts of Dresden haven been under water during the highest flood ever seen by the river Elbe. As the flood came slowly nobody had a clue how high it would rise. Folks came to experience the imposant scenery by the river. Some were joking. A restaurant offered a  special "highwater menue"... In the evening the staff closed and put sandsacks on the door... You couldn't see that place any more next morning. My house was flood up to the second floor. I wrote this song in the afternoon of August/22/2002, just a few days after the flood left the house. Introduced the tune to my band the same evening, and just let the one-track recorder roll.

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