High Sheriff Blues
Charlie Patton

Get in trouble at Belzoni, there ain't no use a-screamin' and cryin' (2)
Mr. Will will take you back to Belzoni jailhouse flyin'

Let me tell you folksies, how he treated me (2)
And he put me in a cellar just as dark as it could be

There I laid one evenin' Mister Purvis was standin' 'round (2)
Mister Purvis told Mister Will to let poor Charlie down

Takes booze and blues, Lord, to carry me through (2)
But it did seem like yonder in a jailhouse where there is no boo(ze)

I got up one mornin', feelin' (mighty bad) (2)
An' it might not a-been them Belzoni jail I had

(spoken: Blues I had, boys)

When I was in  trouble (in prison), it ain't no use a-screamin (and cryin') (2)
Mister Purvis's the onliest man could ease that pain of mine

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