He's A Jelly Roll Baker
Lonny Johnson - also by Brownie McGhee

She said: Mr. Jelly Roll Baker, let me be your slave
When gave a blow this trumpet, then I rise from my grave
For some of your good jelly roll, yes, I love good jelly roll
It is good for the sick, yes, an' it's good for the ol'

I was sentenced for murder, in the first degree
The judge's wife called up and said: Let that man go free
He's a jelly roll baker, he's got the best jelly roll in town
He's the only man that can bake jelly roll with this damper down*

Once in a hospital shot all full of holes
The nurse  left a man dying, and said, she's got get a jelly roll
This good old jelly, she says: I love my good jelly roll
She sais: I' d rather let him lose his life than to miss my good jelly roll

Lady asked me: Who light me how to bake good jelly roll
I sais: Nobody missed, is just a gift from my soul
To bake good jelly roll, hm, that good old jelly roll
She says: I love you jelly roll, it does me good deep down in my soul

Well, she says: Can I put in an order, two weeks ahead?
I'd rather have yo' jelly roll than my home cooked bread
I love your old jelly, I love your good jelly roll
It's just like Maxwell house coffe, it's good deep down in my soul

* a valve or plate for regulating the draft

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