Hard Ain't It Hard
Woody Guthrie

First time I’ve seen my true love
He was a-walking by my door
The last time I saw his false-hearted smile
Dead on his cooling board

  It’s a-hard and it’s hard, ain’t it hard?
  To love one who never did love you
  Hard, and it’s hard, ain’t it hard? Great God!
  To love one that never will be true

There is a house in this town
That’s where my true love lays around
Takes other women right down on his knee
Tells them a tale that he won’t tell me

Don’t go to drinkin’ and a-gamblin
Don’t go there your sorrows to drown
This hard liquor’s place is a low down disgrace
The meanest, damned place in this town

It was late last night when my true love come in
Rappin’ a-racking on my door
I jumped down in a fit of jealousy
Said: true love, don’t knock here anymore

I’ll love him till the seas run dry
Rocks dissolve by the sun
I’ll love him till the day I day
Than you will know I’m done

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