Hangknot Slipknot
Woody Guthrie

Did you ever see a hangman tie a slipknot? (2)
Yes, I’ve seen it many a time
And he winds and he winds
After thirteen times he’s got a slipknot

Tell me, will that slipknot slip? No, it will not (2)
It’ll slip around your neck
But it won’t slip back again
That slipknot, Great God, that slipknot

Did you ever lose a brother on that slipknot? (2)
Yes, my brother was a slave
And he tried to escape
And they drug him to his grave with a slipknot

Did you ever lose your father on that slipknot? (2)
Yes they hung him from a pole
And they shot him full of holes
They left him there to rot on that slipknot

Tell me, who makes the law for that slipknot? (2)
Who says who is a-goin’
To the calaboose
And get that hangman’s noose or that slipknot?

I don’t know who makes the law for that slipknot (2)
But the bones of many a man
Are a-whistlin’ in the wind
Cause they tied their laws with the slipknot

This is the version I recorded

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