Ham And Eggs
Traditional - Lead Belly

Ham and eggs (woh), pork and beans (woh)
I would eat more (woh), but the cook was so mean (woh)
I got to roll (woh), roll in a hurry (woh)
To make it on the side of the row

If I’d a-known my captain was bad
Wouldn’t have sold that special that I once have had
If I’d a-known my captain was blind
I wouldn’t have gone to work, boys, till the clock struck nine

*I found this song, and a dozen more, on a Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry compilation. Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly are not at all mentioned on that record. It's amazing, more than the half of all songs released there are in deed rare tracks of Woody, in parts accompanied by Lead Belly and Sonny Terry. So, if you want to listen to these rare tracks, look for that Brownie & Sunny CD (Tempo Communications, Australia).

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