Traditional - Lead Belly*

When I was a li’l boy, li’l boy, li’l boy
When I was a li’l boy, two years old
Papa went and left me, left me, left me
Papa went and left me, so I was told

  Ha-ha this a-way and ha-ha that a-way
  Ha-ha this a-way and then, oh, then

I went to school, boy, school, boy, school, boy
I went to school when I was twelve years old
I obeyed the rules, the rules, the rules
I obeyed the rule, so I was told

I went to a teacher, teacher, teacher
I went to a teacher to save my soul
Teacher was a preacher, preacher, preacher
Teacher was a preacher, so I was told

I learned my lesson, lesson, lessen
I learned my lessen to save my soul
Wasn’t that a blessin’, blessin’, blessin,
Wasn’t that a blessin’, so I was told

* Lead Belly sometimes put a few songs together and recorded it as one,
for instance this one together with Little Sally Walker and  Red Bird

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