Goin' Down Slow
Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry

I have had my fun if I don't get well no more (2)
Well, you know my health is failin' me and, you know, I'm goin' down slow

Please, write my mother, tell her the shape I'm in (2)
Well, tell her to pray for me, forgiveness for my sins

Mother, don't send no doctor, doctor can't do no good (2)
Well, you know it's all my fault, you know, I didn't do these things I should

On the next train South, look for my clothes home (2)
Well, if you don't see my body, all you can do is moan

Mother, please don't you worry, this is all in my prayer (2)
You can tell, well, you've got a son out of this world somewhere

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