Freight Train Blues
Bob Dylan

I was born in Dixie in a boomer’s shag
Just a little shanty by the railroad track
Freight train was a-taught me how to cry
Hummin’ lotta drivers sung me lullaby

  I’ve got the freight train blues
  Oh, Lawdy mama, got’em in the bottom of my rambling’ shoes
  Oh, when the whistle blows I gotta go, oh, Baby, don’t you know
  It looks like I never gonna lose that freight train blues

Well, my daddy was fireman in a house out here
My mama was the daughter of an engineer
Sweetheart of the brakeman, that ain’t no joke
It’s a shame the way she keeps a good man broke

Well, the only thing that makes you laugh again
Is a southbound whistle on a southbound train
That ever blows, so I wanna go
But I never can go because you know

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