The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Roberta Flack*, Johnny Cash*

The (Dm)first time (G)ever I(C) saw your face (Am)
I thought the sun rose (Em7)in your eye(F)s
And the (C)moon and the stars(G) were the (C)gifts you gave
To the (Bb)dark and the endless (C)sky - my love
To the (Bb)dark and the endless (C)sky

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth turn in my hand
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command - my love

The first time ever I lay with you
And felt your heart beat close to mine
I knew our joy would fill the earth
And would last 'till the end of time - my love

* This version is close to the ones recorded by R. Flack orJ. Cash
all versions differ a bit, my fovorite version is by Peggy Seeger.

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