The Duck Yas Yas
Stump Jonhson, Tampa Red Georgia Tom

(G)Mama bought a rooster, she (B7)thought it was duck
She (E)brought him to the table with its legs straight up
(A)In came the children with a (D7)cup and a glass
(G)To catch the liquor from its yas, yas, yas

Bab’, oh, bab’ have you ever been to Spain?
See those Hoodoo women shakin’ that thing
They got - rings on their fingers, - bells on their toes
What they've got good, babe, nobody knows

I’m goin’ down - Market Street
Where the men and women - all do meet
That’s where the men do the - Georgia Rub
Women fall in line with a big washtub

Me an' my gal walkin' - down the street
She caught the rheumatism - in her feet
She stooped over to pick some grass
And the same thing stuck her in her yas, yas, yas

You catch the train you call: Fourty-Nine
Carries you down to - Caroline
You catch the train, you call: Fourty-Eight
Takes you right into the Golden Gate

You shake your shoulder, you shake’em fast
You can’t shake your shoulders shake your yas, yas, yas
Drink some rooster soup befo' - goin’ to bed
Wake up in the morning find your own self dead

Down on Morgan there’s a good location
Right there next to a gasoline station
That’s where you get your car's - oil and grease
Women cryin’: Honey, won’t you come in, please

I'm gonna sing this verse, ain't gonna sing no more
Somebody’s knockin’ - on my door
The people upstairs have - gone to bed
I better stop that noise b'fore they crack my head

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